Nigel In Phoenix

Gatorade has a rad new site up for Nigel, with a bunch of photos and video from a trip to Phoenix. You can check out some photos and a video after the jump, but make sure to check for a bunch more photos and video from the trip!

5 responses to “Nigel In Phoenix”

  1. alex says:

    So, is defgrip now sponsored by Gatorate? I surely hope so, otherwise I can’t explain half of the pictures with Nigel and his seemingly beloved Gatorate bottle. If that’s not the case and your’re posting this ad campain for free – you must be joking.

  2. doodles says:

    or maybe nigel is a cool dude and deserves all the coverage he gets?

  3. stoned kyle says:

    yeah its a double bladed sword, once gatorade starts pushing the sports like redbull, or now nike is even coming hard, Ill have to say save the hollywood shit for the bee’s

  4. alex says:

    it’s all cool if there is actual content. But posting 4 sub-par pictures with Nigel and his bottle on defgrip goes a little far.

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