Miami Vice gallery part 1

A while back I started instant-Netflicking the first season of Miami Vice. So many of the scenes were way too good to not take a blurry Blackberry photo of and post on Defgrip.

One of my favorite things about the show, and I’m stating the obvious, is how much attention is paid to the style details. Even the cars are exclusive. Mann could have easily thrown any old Mercedes in there and fooled 90% of the audience, but instead almost every Benz featured was an authentic AMG edition with black grille and Euro bumpers and super rare Penta wheels.

8 responses to “Miami Vice gallery part 1”

  1. chimbo says:

    did you watch legba funeral episode? super sick voodoo shit…

  2. Justneil says:

    Superb. Style for miles.

    Favourite episode for me was ‘Back in the world’, with The Doors soundtrack throughout. 1985. I was 15. Reeeeeeet.

  3. Ardelean says:

    I can’t find an episode called The Legba Funeral, but yes I do remember seeing a creepy voodo episode.

    Looks like Back in the World is in Season 2…. I’m almost there.

  4. Chris says:

    haha Miami Vice is the best…they used a Corvette and stripped the badges to make it a Ferrari Daytona

  5. Jim Bauer says:

    While the Cars are dope and legit, the “star car” Ferrari was a fake, based on Corvette running gear. Ferrari was so pissed when the show got popular that they gave them a new white Testarossa if they would replace the fake Daytona. They literally blew up the Daytona.

  6. This was one my favorite Defgrip posts ever. Thanks Mike

  7. Ryan C. says:

    This is a super rad idea!!!