Interview: Justin Kosman

Horse Power: This was shot in Cartagena, Colombia and is one of my favorite photos of all time. We took this car so many crazy places and it was one of the best working weeks of my life. Hearing this car fire up in person is one of the gnarliest things I’ve ever experienced. The only way I can explain it would be to imagine a “nuclear powered chainsaw,” but louder. This is also the city where the old Michael Douglas movie Romancing The Stone was set, and it used to play all the time on TNT when I was growing up. Canon 1DsMK2

  • dre

    haha a delorean

  • Amazing interview, Kosman is so on top of things.

  • Kosman for prez. That Colombia story is crazy!

  • NB

    “I never go to a female agent. She will look at those batteries and yank the bag asap. A guy in his late/early thirties to mid forties won’t give you a second look.”


  • good job bud! few people will ever know how it feels to work as hard as this man.

  • juaquin

    props to justin!

  • Ryan

    Really good read. Cheers!!

  • wwjkd, Great interview!

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