Interview: Justin Kosman

Mike Day pointing to Beijing: In 2008 I was going to the Olympic training center almost every other week for photo shoots with Olympic hopefuls. I had double duty with Mike Day for Red Bull and GT Bicycles so I saw him all the time. This was the last time I shot with him before he went to Beijing, and I had him point to the west toward China. Mike ended up earning a silver at the first Olympic BMX race in bicycle motocross history. Canon 1Ds MK2

  • dre

    haha a delorean

  • Amazing interview, Kosman is so on top of things.

  • Kosman for prez. That Colombia story is crazy!

  • NB

    “I never go to a female agent. She will look at those batteries and yank the bag asap. A guy in his late/early thirties to mid forties won’t give you a second look.”


  • good job bud! few people will ever know how it feels to work as hard as this man.

  • juaquin

    props to justin!

  • Ryan

    Really good read. Cheers!!

  • wwjkd, Great interview!

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