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Nate Penonzek by Chester Jones - click to enlarge

Really randomly about three weeks ago I was out on the west side of Bowen Island sailing back with a good few friends of mine from a wild time on Gambier Island. We spotted my bro’s dock mate’s (Brian) boat sailing right towards us, so we stopped and I tossed a few brews over to his first mate who I initially took for some square wearing some far out sunnys on an overcast day. They hooked us up with some manzanilla olives for our martinis and we shot the shit. Somehow I recollect briefly talking with Brian about bmx and how he knew Nate Penonzek. We exchanged names and I was completely dumbfounded when I put two and two together, the flatland extraordinaire was voyaging home to the Sunshine Coast from an eight month stint of traveling the open road. He briefly spoke about some bmx parts that he’s been designing and that he plans on buying a boat and wants to sail it down the west coast. The six degrees of separation definitely doesn’t pertain to bmx but to run into such a legend in the middle of the high seas the chances might as well be one in a million.

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Chester is also a part of who just got the contract to build the new dirt jumps at Vanier park in Vancouver, BC!

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  1. Chad Jones says:

    Nice work Mr. Jones.

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    ugly everything

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