Hoffman / VBS TV

Jordan from Say Mayday alerted me to this piece that VBS did on Mat Hoffman (BMX legend just in case you don’t know). It features Johnny Knoxville and a bunch of other rad people talking about Mat, as well as some riding.


7 responses to “Hoffman / VBS TV”

  1. dude had such a mental problem, but is probably one of the if not THE raddest dudes alive. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Wednesday says:

    Having that joker knoxville in this made it near unwatchable…

  3. Jordan says:

    knoxville and him are straight tight. without him there’d be no documentary

  4. jicky says:

    i have that same exact yoda! haha he chills in my oh shit handles in my car lollza!

  5. Will says:

    Maybe unwatchable to a negative, cynical rider like you Wednesday. But having Knoxville in there opens it up to a wider audience. As awesome as Hoffman is, he is a terrible presenter so I think it works. Hopefully VBS will feature more BMX in the future.

  6. dayday says:

    im not on too many peoples jock, but mat hoffman is one of them…good to see him getting the props he deserves..

  7. nanoo.net says:

    And this is an investment threat worth taking.