Verde Hawaii Trip

Daaaamn! I feel like going to a luau now.

Here’s Dave Thompson, Brian Yeagle, Kevin Kiraly and Justin Burns laying down the moves in Hawaii.

Via- @verdebmx

  • NB

    That was amazing, Verde is killing it

  • one of the best teams out there. fo sho! %100 grade A beef shredderS!

  • Amazing moves and fun vibe… I would really like to visit those Islands right now.

  • nick benson

    man anytime i get to get a glimpse of some yeagle i think i shit my pants in aticipation for anthem 2.

  • andrew ohio

    Yeagle is an Animal!

  • Will

    I’m so stoked Yeagle is still riding SOO good. That last clip was amazing.

    Now all we need is Garret back kicking ass! ha.

    Is Anthem 2 still happening?

  • Connor

    WOW that video was sick! is theere a photo of the footplant on the fence ?