I don’t know much about this event, but Julien Roubinet sent over some rad photos from Soulardouzant in Paris. It looks like there was a great turnout for the jam and Julien’s photos do a great job of capturing the riding as well as the crowd and everyone who was there to check it out. Keep reading for some more photos and you can check out some more shots here.

*Edit, Hadrien Picard sent over a bunch of info about the jam, that was actually for Soul BMX Mag’s 12 year anniversary!

“It’s was a jam Soul BMX Mag ( organized 3 weeks ago in paris for its 12 years old anniversary with hundreds of French riders & guest like BSD, Federal, WTP & Dub.┬áThat was a crazy day, we hit some really nice spot in Paris where we put ramps designed for the spots + a skatepatk made just for the event located at a abandonned & very famous swimming pool from the 19th century.”

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