Sam King @ Random

Ryan Taylor by Sam King - click to enlarge

We were out riding street in Paris and hooligan Ryan Taylor was doing some crazy no handers off this ledge to pretty much flat because the bank at the bottom was so mellow. I’d tried a few different angles but they were all pretty weak, then I decided I’d stand on this tiny ledge that sloped down and was narrower than my shoes so my toes were hanging over the edge. It was about 2 stories up and anyone that knows me, knows I don’t like heights that I could fall and not die. It sounds weird but I was pretty scared standing up there with my camera wrapped so tightly round my wrist. Anyway, got the photo and I shot back down and we were both pretty stoked on the outcome, despite me having to change my pants!

-Sam King

4 responses to “Sam King @ Random”

  1. Ben Austin says:

    Awesome timing, and the contrast is great!

  2. David Ekker says:

    Sam! This photo truly inspirated me to have a day-off and get out with a bunch of riders to take same pretty stylish shots as yours. Thanks man! Big Up from Hungary.

  3. devon denham says:

    yeah sam coolness

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