Rooftop: Random iPhone Photos

Rooftop was kind of enough to hook up some random iPhone photos. With all the stuff he gets into, you know this one will be good.

I just always loved this book as a kid, i remember my mom used to read it to me all the time.

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This is Kevin Staab doing a hand plant at the Tony Hawk warehouse. I shot this photo with the Pano app. If you look closely, Kevin is actually in this photo 3 times, in the handplant, on the couch, and on the other deck.

Yes this is for real, and he’s right… just read the your part and donate today.

Jamie Bestwick mid downside whip. Shot in Las Vegas at the Wynn hotel.

Eddie Fiola and I had just got done working a long day of stunts for a Disney show, I spent the day chasing him around on a beach cruiser with Hucker, it ended with me and Hucker going over the bars into the smelliest swamp water I’ve ever been in, took 2 days to get the smell off.

Not sure where I was headed, but Bohan was headed to Hawaii, saw a tweet while at the airport and noticed he was there too. Seems like someones always traveling somewhere at the same time.

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Another Pano photo but from Barcelona. That’s Brian Kachinsky sitting at the bar, and yes that’s a mini ramp inside a bar.

When I shot this I just thought this was weird, that this tip of a plane was sitting in this field. Not sure what to think of it now.

I have bad sinuses. Bad sinuses and skydiving don’t mix well. Sometimes during free fall I’ll get a huge blowout of blood from my nose going about 120mph, it ends in my goggle and face covered in blood but the wind speed dries and seals my nose almost instantly. Usually about an hour later, that seal breaks and ill get some residual drips, it sucks.

Sometimes while on road trips, things can get tense in the car. This time, Kachinsky lets Me and Biz know how he felt and seeked other means of transport, via somewhere in new mexico I think.

Kat Von D and I wrestling her bear, yes it’s real…..

While on the Chunnel (train that goes under the english channel) traveling from England to France, I bumped into Xzibit, he then choked me out.

We drove Gumball 3000 again this year, and somehow Tony secured the actual movie prop A-Team Van from the new movie coming out this summer. Was pretty rad. I love it when a plan comes together.

Not sure how these things happen but this is Eve (yes the ruff ryder) and me dressed in Sheik outfits….somewhere on Gumball 3000.

7 responses to “Rooftop: Random iPhone Photos”

  1. jicky says:

    AW kat von d so lucky!

  2. Harrison Boyce says:

    A-Team van. So rad!

  3. tom perry says:

    The man lives an insane life.

  4. Alex says:

    Sarcophagus top.

  5. Albert says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like underground trains and asphyxiation.

  6. brie says:

    Eve and you dressed in Sheik outfits is the BEST!
    i love your blog man-!
    suuuuper awesome, keep it up!


  7. eer says:

    how does one go about getting a life as busy as this man?
    rooftop is a legend