Q&A: Robbie Morales / Cult DVD

As you may know, the new Cult video is dropping as we speak. The lineup involved is stacked, and I’m anxious to finish this so I can watch my copy.

I threw some quick questions at Rob-O about the project, so click below to read up on that.

So, Let Em Talk is done. What was your approach for this video? It seems like the project was wrapped up “fairly” quick.
Honestly, things have been a natural progression with CULT. The vibes on the trips are amazing and all involved are working together. When that happens, shit gets done quick. I was not cracking the whip, just enjoying riding and traveling with the crew. Other projects were forced and came with all sorts of expectations…LET’EM TALK is really an extension of who we are.

Was there a big focus on making sure the video “looked” like Cult, as far as image and brand direction?
Well I’m definitely not doing the same old shit, having Adam Roye, Ryan Navazio, the team and myself all vibe on the music and art direction was super fun. We see eye to eye on stuff and shit naturally gets done.

When I kept seeing “Let Em Talk” bounce around Twitter a bunch, I had a hunch that was going to be the videos name. How did “Let Em’ Talk” come about and who coined the phrase?
The first trip from CALI to AZ, I had copped a mix tape with the LET’EM TALK song and after the teaser on TCU with over 600 comments it all made sense. Loaded up the 15 passenger van, cranked the music and the rest is history…It makes me feel good to know people have so much to say about CULT, regardless we are doing us.

I know you guys hit up various places to film, what scenes will we see in the video?
The main trips were the Cali to AZ and the AUSTIN trip. It’s pretty wild the amount of footage we clocked, sometimes Navaz would have the camera out for like 6 hours just stacking clips and everyone was having a blast, it shows in the background shots in the vid, homies supporting each other and loving it, pure BMX.

Besides filming/editing, did Navaz have input in most of the project? That dude knows whats up.
Definitely, but he is really concerned with doing what the brand needs. He has tapped into our vibe and gets it perfectly, it’s inspiring to work with him for sure…Plus the team respects the hell out of him.

Who can we expect to see in the video?
The vid showcases Chase, Chase and Dak with full sections, an amazing split section from Alex and Bobby, Russell and Trey have short but hard hitting sections, and there is a mix section also. Some footage did not make it in due to format changes or film quality. Navaz filmed every section but the mix so the standard was high.

Let Em Talk will come packaged with a zine correct?
Yes, Adam finished CULT ZINE 04, its 40 pages and compliments the vid perfectly, keeps his unique touch on the brand and is a interesting look into CULT.

Will Cult continue to put out physical DVD’s in the future? I assume yes, considering someone like Dak has strong convictions about web stuff over actual dvd material. Hit me.
The whole team is passionate about DVD’S. I’m old school so I grew up with videos and dvd’s. It is the ultimate showcase of a pro rider. The internet is free so it means less, well it’s the fucking internet, not sure why it means less but it does…

What’s next?
On to the next one, Navaz is on board and we are already filming the next one, the crew is sparked after how good LET’EM TALK came out.

Thanks Rob-O. Anything you would like to add before we wrap this up?
Yeah, if anyone has questions or inquiries about CULT get at us… Facebook.com/cultcrew or Robbie@cultcrew.com, there is so much misinformation out there and I would rather tell someone personally than air out some bullshit…Also before you judge someone put yourself in their shoes, things look way different…Bottom line we made the vid for you guys to enjoy, vibe and motivate to ride, hopefully we did that.

15 responses to “Q&A: Robbie Morales / Cult DVD”

  1. schnell says:

    Word to that Robbie,and cheers Navaz!

  2. lil danny says:

    “true bmx” that’s what it’s all about yo!

  3. steve says:

    I’m pretty excited to see how this one turns out, the only reservation I have is art direction from Adam Roye. I really don’t like his style or any of the work he has done previously. Hopefully the video wont focus too much on his “art”.

  4. Matt says:

    I respectfully disagree steve. Adam likes creating shit whether or not it’s completely original. He puts effort into his work and that’s all that matters really.

  5. Hines says:

    Yeah Robbie, stoked.

  6. Ryan C. says:

    Adam is the shit!!! Best dude!

  7. steve says:

    You have a point Matt, I just find a lot of his online stuff very frustrating. His site and the previous Cult site were an epileptics worst nightmare. You are definitely right though, he is out there doing what he clearly enjoys doing and so long as he is happy, who am I to judge?
    Each to their own!

  8. sergio ruiz says:

    me parece un buen proyecto !! animo Rob-O. 🙂

  9. QUESTIONS! says:

    How would one go about purchasing this video?

  10. stoned kyle says:

    id buy it for the riders, not the owner… to thug for me.

  11. dirtCock says:

    no mention of a PEACY section? what the cock!?

  12. Horst das Pferd says:

    see the bad moon rising, the end is coming near!

  13. joshua acosta says:

    can i get some stickers cult sick my adress is 16381 liveoak st. hesperia ca, an my name is joshua acosta

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