Print Ad: Subrosa

Subrosa just sent over the latest print ad for Ride UK. It features Scott Ditchburn, the Seventies warehouse, a wild rail, and a bunch of Subrosa boxes. Check it out!

Subrosa Ride UK ad - click to enlarge

Here is the latest Subrosa print ad in Ride U.K. It’s Scott Ditchburn. This rail is located in the Seventies warehouse going from the offices to the stock room. Super steep, super sketchy, and a lot of people have called it out and never got it done. Ditchburn came through and even stacked up some of our complete bikes in the background for good measure. Get Used To It.

3 responses to “Print Ad: Subrosa”

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  2. Pretty rad photo i really like the boxes being used instead of digital graphics

  3. Anh says:

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