Preview: Case #3

Mike Netley sent through a preview of the 3rd issue of Case, with Scott Malyon on the cover. You can expect a bunch of interesting articles from all over, and best of all, it’s free!

The mag hits the UK this Thursday and in the USA the following Friday.

Click below to view some spreads, and click on them to enlarge.

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Photo section: 8 pages of BMX photography from some great photographers. Featuring Tommy Dugan, Matthias Dandois, Ross Head and more…

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Casselberry scene report: if you’ve seen any of the banned DVDs then you know what to expect here… These guys are something else! Some great stories here form the locals as well and some great photos to boot.

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OSS interview: Adam Grandmaison speaks of what we can expect from OSS parts. If his reign of internet champ is anything to go by then expect great things from OSS in the future. Accompanied by some great photos of some of the team guys shot in NYC and Austin Tx.

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Tom Davis interview: Tom kills it. He might also be the only person to ever have an exclusive TCU web edit that didn’t receive any negative criticism. He is nothing short of amazing on a bike and fully into putting in effort. If something’s worth doing then might as well do it properly. Right Tom? 9 pages of wise words and stunning photos make up this article.

4 down youth trip: I took a trip from Hastings to Scotland with a few of 4 downs up and comers and shop team riders. It was a blast! No stress and a group of guys full of energy made for such a fun trip.

3 responses to “Preview: Case #3”

  1. Ken says:

    design looks stepped up, all in all looks great. big, quality pictures of legit bmx. thanks mike.

  2. nick says:

    just like Case issue #1 and #2 issue 3 looks awesome and I cant wait to get my copy!! Thanks Mike for keeping it real and raw…..

  3. Kandice says:

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