Nigel Sylvester Go All Day part 1

The first video out of a three part series with Nigel Sylvester and Gatorade went live today. The first video is really dope and I’m excited to see the rest of the series. Cruising around NY with your friends, partying with hot girls, and helicopters. That’s what’s up!

“Nigel Sylvester teamed up with Gatorade to release the first video in a series that shows his unique life as a pro BMX rider. The video is one of three to be released – all of which were conceptualized and written by Nigel and Glenn PP Milligan. The videos show just how crazy Nigel’s life is on and off a bike, and has a cool storyline woven throughout the three videos.”

8 responses to “Nigel Sylvester Go All Day part 1”

  1. racal says:

    really dont know how i feel about this…fuckin gatorade and nike can leave a sour taste in my mouth

  2. b1337 says:

    so does puusy but i just keep going back

  3. stoned kyle says:

    song serves him right. hes getting money and getting paid to ride a bike, but i never want to see so many damn fist pounds again in my life i said getting money

  4. Kalyan3 says:

    Nigel is a cool guy

  5. Marky Mark says:

    Was this a bmx video or a hip hop video? I can’t really tell.

  6. ThugsMansion says:

    That made me happy feeling.

  7. Scott W. says:

    Sweaty hand shakes for 2010.

  8. Jacquie says:

    Traders do pay direct and indirect prices.