Joe Simon iPhone 4 edit

Joe Simon posted a few photos of some spots on Twitter last night, then not to long after, said he was editing a iPhone 4 videos… I was kind of expecting some crazy setup with dollies and steady cam’s but Joe kept it simple, opting for grass and his keys as his camera support, while he grabbed a few clips at the 45th st ditch in Austin, TX. It’s going to be interesting to see how many iPhone 4 edits will pop up over the next few months. Will the iPhone become the new flipcam? Scott Marceau, where you at?

5 responses to “Joe Simon iPhone 4 edit”

  1. tom perry says:

    This was giant leaps above any flipcam edit I’ve ever seen. This is because of Joe Simon.

  2. TulareHouse says:

    Very nice and clean. I do like how loaded the cat looks.

  3. connor says:

    the droid incredible has an even better camera

  4. preston says:

    Too bad the Droid doesn’t have built in photo/editing software, eh, Connor? Droid phones are a joke.

  5. Indira says:

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