Brian Blyther is a cop now. Ten years ago if you told me I would type that sentence I would have chuckled. But he really is. When I started riding in the early ‘80s Brian was THE guy. He can still hang with the best of them, even on a modern vert ramp. The one-footed X-up, or helicopter as an X-up was once known, is a quintessential Blyther trick. At the time we shot this photo, Brian wasn’t a police officer, but he had a lot of friends that were, and this vert ramp was in the yard of a good friend of his in Ontario, CA that was K9 officer. He kept his “partners” (dogs) in the back yard sometimes. Imagine jumping that fence to poach a session? Ouch. These were shot for the short lived “Looking Glass” magazine, and I don’t think the issue ever came out.

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photos by Jared Souney