NAME: Jared Souney
AGE: 34
LOCATION: Portland, OR (by way of Pennsylvania, California, and Massachusetts)

Nikon DSLRs. Nikon lenses
Quantum Q-flashes
Norman 400b pack and head
Pocket Wizard Multimax triggers
Nikon SB-800’s
Elinchrom Ranger RX-AS Speed Packs and heads
Panasonic LX3
Contax T2
Yashica T4
Various shit around the studio.

The most important piece of photo gear is insurance. Both liability and loss and damage. Shit gets broken/stolen, and people will sue you for anything in the US.
Note: a couple of the included images were shot with cameras no longer in my rotation, such as the Nikon n90s 35mm body, and Bronica SQ 6×6 body

YEARS SHOOTING: About 13 years ago I figured out that the little needle thing inside my camera was a light meter.


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photos by Jared Souney