Gettin’ Nostalgic With Chris Doyle

In the years between 1996-2001 I gained some of my greatest memories and built friendships that will last a lifetime. I owe these friendships and memories to a box jump, wooden berm, and a few mounds of dirt located in Raleigh, North Carolina… 401 trails. Lucky for me, most of these memories have been well archived by one of my best friends and the best cameraman in BMX, Will Stroud. This documentary piece is a glimpse back at some of the great times and many faces that have meant so much to me. I hope you, the viewer, like this and I hope it makes you think of YOUR old spots and friends and what they mean to you.


-Chris Doyle

25 responses to “Gettin’ Nostalgic With Chris Doyle”

  1. Anthem 2 says:

    Good shit. Keeping it real with Farside. Nice job guys.

  2. Casey Bowman says:

    SOOOOOOO GOOOODDD!!!! I love seein stuff like this! It is really awesome to see how no matter how good you get…we all start somewhere!

  3. Ron B says:

    That was awesome

  4. garrett reeves says:

    That was sick i remember watching the old rhythm dirt jumping video seeing a report on those trails and i wanting to ride them really bad hah

  5. tim says:

    that was so rad…i hope some one see’s this and takes a shovel to that spot

  6. Scott says:

    Enjoyed that so much! Great to see footage from that era again. They looked so good in Rhythm. Wish we had that in Melbourne.

    I’m so going to watch Fox Expendable 2 right now. đŸ™‚

  7. franco balducci says:

    great little write up..I still visit my old trail spots every once in a while, bringing up similar feelings which is what bmx should be about amongst other things.

  8. Adam Banton says:

    Hell yes. That was awesome. Ramsdell casing everything is classic, in a good way. Gotta love your roots.

  9. mangler says:

    those were the days….

  10. justin holt says:

    agree with mangler. life was sooooo easy back then. all we had to worry about was how many bikes we could fit in the car, and where we were going that weekend.
    nc has such deep roots in bmx, and 401 was/is one of the deepest.

  11. Geoff says:

    Awesome video. Time really does fly.

  12. Graham Phillips says:

    Killer video guys! I had no idea Will had that much old footage. I loved riding with you guys back in the days of 401 and Honda Hill and now I often look back and regret selling my bikes.

  13. David says:

    Awesome vid!

    I grew up dying to ride 401 when i lived in Michigan, then once i finally moved down to NC BMX was dying slowly in Raleigh and never got my chance to hit up utopia or 401.

  14. eric plant says:

    that was sweet to see again brings up old memories. that was the spot if u were riding in N.C. think i still have photos an the first uslles video on vhs its my kids favorite good to see ur still doing ur thing

  15. Zakk says:

    Great video bro.

    and i feel so lucky to have been a small part of all that….it was awesome to see “little” david…

    Such a great group! All of them!! If you were ever there you cant imagine how true it is how lucky you felt being there. One could just sense that one was taking part in a piece of History! When you were there it didnt matter really what or if you did or could do… it was all about sharing in the love of BMX!

    Thanks for letting this guy feel like a part of it!

  16. Chris says:

    Zakk, such a great group indeed. We could go on for days talking about 401, NC State, Jaws, Shelly, your dance moves, etc… damn. Part 2 will be epic as well!

  17. Roach says:

    It’s really cool for me to see this. I grew up in Charlotte riding, and had no idea all of this was going on so close.

    It feels like a small world to think that the riders I idolized growing up were shredding a couples hours away from my house.

    Really cool video.

  18. Nate Strieby says:

    Old memories… Brian and I came out there after a race in NC, I had just broken my arm, took pics. Met you and Ryan, stayed at Barrettes house, I think he had SLAM the Movie, lol. Now I am gonna go look for those pics. I hope I have them. Saw Clevenger down at Maddens park in Pensacola about 5 years ago… random. I remember I was riding for Clayborn, and soooo tried to get Madden to pick you up after that trip, he wasn’t interested and 5 months later you were riding for DK.

  19. andrew says:

    great watch!

  20. Jeremy says:

    I rode 401 trails almost every day my junior and senior years of high school (03-04). I went to Fuquay high which is right down the road. Me and a couple of friends would go out right after school and we maybe only saw people out there 10 times in the year we rode there. That box jump was my favorite thing ever at the time. I learned my first tricks on that. Without that jump I would never have been able to ride like I do now.

  21. Andrew says:

    Awesome video, great to see the history of BMX in NC. Haven’t been riding long, maybe about a little over a year. Started riding at the trails in fuquay and thats what I like to call my home spot..Wish I could have rode 401

  22. Jared says:

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