Dig just sent through a preview of the current issue. Shouts to Dean for getting the cover.

Click below for that and to check out the Dig/Verde in Hawaii teaser.

Dig Magazine issue 77 July/August 2010

014 Ballbag: Why’s everybody in such a fucking rush?
020 Ignition: Devin Feil and another made up guy called Jesus.

026 Repo: Federal’s product launch in London town.
028 Homage: Woodbridge trails RIP and Dolecki’s first ever photo in DIG.
030 Repo: Wild times at the Soulardouzant Jam in Paris.
032 Travel Sickness: Enarson, Young & Co and the myth of Malaga.
034 Videostore: The rise and rise of the independent BMX video scene…

042 Nicaragua: A Central American adventure.
054 United in South Africa: Hot hot heat and crazy ditches…
062 Verde In Hawaii: I guess everyone else drew the short straw…
076 Pool Party at the Pink Motel: Team Shralp make it happen.
100 Buddies: Daniel Martinez and Luis Caballero.
108 Collingwood: Melbourne Australia, Chopper, The Anchor crew and vegan food.
116 Lost For Words: Every photo tells a story… except the ones shown here.

084 Productivity: More new products for your perusal…
090 Instore: Unit23 and Bikes ‘n Boards. Support your local bike shop!
094 Low Profile: For future reference…
124 Digital Crunch: Send in photos and win shoes from Etnies. Easy…
126 Unsound: The Bomb proving that they are just that…
128 Backchat: Federal’s Dan Lacey faces his fears…

Dig Magazine issue 77 is available now worldwide via subscriptions, bike shops, newsstand and itunes. Enjoy…

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  1. John T says:

    Damn, that issue looks amazing.

  2. sergio ruiz says:

    amo esta portada !!

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