Exclusive: Alex Magallan Edit

While on a trip to Austin earlier this year, I had mentioned to Mike Mastroni during lunch that I would be down to work with him again and post whatever he felt like cooking up (since I’m a fan of his work). It turns out that Mike had some Alex Magallan footage and I said HELL YEAH!

Mike was kind enough to make this quick edit for us, so click below to check that out.

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edited by
  • fvd

    Ahhh! sooo good. Alex is fuckin’ awesome.

  • daniel w

    Love watching this dude ride. He always has something creative that most people wouldn’t think of at spots.

  • This guy is a park dog homes,HollA

  • Noir

    That was fucking sick.

  • yo!

    nice edit mike. alex got skills

  • Andrew McMullen


  • That’s my son – so pround

  • I meant so proud!!!!!

  • Yeah Alex. Great as usual. Another nice one too Mike.

  • garrett reeves

    that was soo sick… GUCCI!

  • really cool, wish it was longer!

  • 2nd clip was so dope!

  • sven

    hell ya stop talking on camera mastroni hahahah <3

  • midrezee

    Killin’ it.

  • pretty suh-WEET!

  • song??

  • adam grandmaison

    where the fuck was the midline nowhere barspin?

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