This is WILD!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not super up on my marine biology, so sorry if you’ve seen this before.

Watch this crab shed it’s shell in one piece.

via- TWBE

14 responses to “Crab!”

  1. Yes! says:

    That fucked with nmy brain

  2. monkeh says:


  3. Sigurd says:

    Nature is fucking awsome

  4. Benhucke says:

    Wow, that was insane. Oddly enough I’m headed to Red Lobster for dinner.

  5. drew says:

    What the fuck!

  6. Harrison Boyce says:

    SO CRAZY. That image is definitely going to be burned into my memory forever.

  7. Aliens man! those things are fucked!

  8. fvd says:

    holy crap! that’s like equivalent to shitting yourself out of your own body.

  9. It’s like getting my girlfriend up before 9am on a weekend. Never before seen footage!

  10. Ryan C. says:

    Never going in the ocean again… if possible!

  11. Haimona says:

    ahahahaha props on the girlfriend call man! ahahahaha fark thats funny! seems that all subjects in that species have trouble shedding the blankets on weekend mornings! ahaha!

  12. Gary says:

    That just blew my mind.

  13. nick says:

    I bet hes super good eatin right when he comes out, no shell to mess with, YUM

  14. Rosetta says:

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