Colin MacKay Haro Edit

Damn, this edit is so good. Colin MaCkay for Haro filmed and edited by Terrell Gordy. My favorite clips have to be the allyoop nack-nack and allyoop no footed can-can… The last clip isn’t bad either. (via TCU)

8 responses to “Colin MacKay Haro Edit”

  1. JL says:

    nack-nack? are you serious? love the bike color though

  2. sweeeeeeet little edit, dig!

  3. Is there really a UFC advertisement on here? lol

  4. Danny says:

    This edit is so good. Remember when he was more of a ‘contest guy’? I never remember Colin having as much style in the early days, but he has definitely turned it on in the past couple years!

  5. He’s always been so good, and that pendulum kicks ass.

  6. mat lax says:

    I smiled out loud.

  7. Dimitri says:

    so good to see footage of colin.

  8. Erwin says:

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