Chad Jones @ Random

Paul Moffat by Chad Jones - click to enlarge

This is a somewhat recent shot of my good friend Paul Moffat taken just a few blocks from my place. I’ve always wanted to shoot something involving cherry blossoms since Vancouver is replete with them during spring but every idiot with a digital SLR is running around shooting the same photos while the blossoms are in bloom.Throwing BMX into the mix added a nice touch,the photo isn’t exactly what I had in mind, the blossoms were a bit wet from the rain and didn’t disperse quite like I had anticipated but Paul did his best to kick them up.Thanks Moffat!

– Chad Jones

4 responses to “Chad Jones @ Random”

  1. chet says:

    yea chad & moffy

  2. Ryan says:

    yeah moffat!

  3. dirt ron says:

    love a good dirty pair of white slippys

  4. Luke says:

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