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It’s always refreshing to see BMXers who are completely disconnected from what’s going on in the mainstream. I mean this in the best way possible. When you see these guys ride, you know that they aren’t thinking about how many negative comments their line would get had it been filmed and uploaded to a popular website, or just how light and brakeless they can make their bike. Their motivation to ride hasn’t changed since the first time they bunnyhopped down a curb, and their enjoyment remains unchanged.

Taking this sentiment to the extreme is Chris Nance. A shrimper by day, BMXer by night, Chris epitomized this carefree, positive attitude. Maybe almost too much. When someone mentioned he resembled Van Homan, Chris replied, “who?” What’s more, this dude rides in his shrimpin’ boots!!! I’ll be honest, the first time I caught a glimpse of him at Rampage in New Orleans, my initial thought wasn’t, ‘Man, I bet the guy in the knee waders and camo outfit can blast some downside whips 5 feet out of the quarter.’ As it turns out, first impressions can be very misleading…

I hope Chris is doing ok in light of the cluster-fuck going on down in the gulf. As long as he has a working bike and skatepark, I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

See Chris’ riding HERE in this Miles edit.

Andrew White

11 responses to “Andrew White @ Random”

  1. Povah says:


  2. david says:

    real deal bmx right there!

  3. jon says:

    This is so awesome I know that guy. Dude landed a decade and didn’t even know what it was called, he could have invented it for all he knew. This guy rules.

  4. Brock says:

    This dude is the man. Seriously one of the most refreshing people to ride with and will hunt any beast that roams any terrain. NANCY SHREDS!

  5. andrew says:

    hell yeah man, Nancy is an awesome dude and kills it! awesome photo too!

  6. Andrew White says:

    Hey jon and andrew, could you inform Chris about this? I lost his email and have no idea how to contact him.

    That decade story makes me so happy.

  7. aaron says:

    yo nancey is a sick rider an alot of fun to ride wit and even if he doesnt no wat trick hes doin he allways kills it

  8. Goldie says:

    Look at my little brotha from anotha mother kickin butt in his shrimp boots! haha Proud of ya Chris!!

  9. Chris Nance says:

    Seriously guys, Who is Van Homan??????

    Ha ha just kidding!

  10. says:

    And this is an funding threat price taking.