5X5 With Dirt Ron

In between chillin and shooting photos at the Old School Reunion, I decided to turn the camera on Dirt Ron for a little 5X5 action. That’s 5 sets of top 5 lists.

I had a wide range of subjects in my notes that were totally random, and pick topics as I went. Ron had no idea what I was gonna ask, so he was kind of on the spot. The video is a little crude in spots as it was the first one I’ve shot, so bear with me, haha…

Click below to watch.

10 responses to “5X5 With Dirt Ron”

  1. Anthem 2 says:

    Best dude ever.

  2. Hoang says:


  3. Adam Banton says:

    Hell yeah Ron. You rule.

  4. jicky says:

    69 all day

  5. Gary says:

    Come down to SD more often!!!

  6. tom perry says:

    freestyle brother! fact number 4 was awesome

  7. s.brothers says:

    You kind of look like a young Perry Kramer, Ron.

  8. Alex says:

    Stoked Nucci’s made the top 5 list. Only the lokez know about that one.

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