5X5 With Aaron Ross

Aaron Ross is our next victim up in the 5X5 video series.

I sat down with Aaron and threw him 5 random sets of top 5 scenarios on the spot. Good times. He was playing with a crumpled up plastic bottle in case you end up wondering what that noise is.

Click below to check the Aaron Ross 5X5.

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  • Aaron Ross is a nerd!

  • lol so funny.

  • dayday

    haha, that was good. I like how he really thought about each answer, wanted to be so honest. good kid.

  • matt

    haha that made me chuckle. i love to see him ride; such a good style and insane stuff goes down everytime i see his videos but that was quite funny.

  • C. Doyle

    This gave me anxiety but I still love A. Ross.

  • _etaN

    Need a desktop of the intro pic please…

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