5×5: Brett Walker

Brett Walker was on the same trip as Heath, so as soon as I finished up the interview with Heath, I grabbed Brett and ran through 5 random top 5’s with him… Covering Brett’s eating habits along with some Biz stories, Brett definitely came through with a fun interview!

  • Will Stroud

    Brett is a good dude and I miss filming with him. There could be a feature film made about Biz stories. I really need to make it back to Corona soon to hang with those guys.

  • Eddie Estrada

    After so many post up sessions at TB with Brett, I really expected bean and cheese burritos to be higher up there on the list.

  • It appears that there’s a current running theme in Brett’s diet……CHEESE!.. Heart attack coming shortly if I’m not mistaken. ha ha ha

  • Chris Young

    You film these in Stanley Park? Love the massive tree in the background.

    And, what Povah said ^. Cheese, cheese, cheese. Yikes.

  • Brian Kachinsky

    Haha, best diet ever! If I didn’t know better i’d think brett was a Wisconsin boy with all that love for cheese. That being said, Brett needs to come to the midwest and i’ll take him on a cheese factory tour. Maybe wash all that queso down with some JD&coke? Deal? Deal.

  • Nick Tellez

    you still suck at free throws and nose mannies in my eyes! ha ha! <3