The Wallrides

Check out a great edit by Haimona Ngata of a few friends riding the wallrides outside of Auckland, New Zealand.

15 responses to “The Wallrides”

  1. Carlsbad Mike says:

    Tags : new lealand

  2. Harrison Boyce says:

    haha… New Lealand is a rad place

  3. kyle ep says:

    looks pretty hitter

  4. tony says:


    made the hair on my arms stand up.

  5. Fraser says:

    Videos like this restore my faith in BMX!

  6. Adam Banton says:

    That was a great vid. Well done. Amazing spot.

  7. ryan says:

    yeah H!

  8. stoned kyle says:

    great edit. i would remove from changing the scale of the clip, like in the beginning where the small boxes went across.

  9. Dub City says:

    Hey were abouts in Auckland is this place?

  10. logan says:

    duuuuuude……. EPIC!!!!! fu*k yeah haimona

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