The Bank Los Angeles

The Bank Los Angeles site just dropped today.

The Bank looks to be an LA based (but not limited to) site involving feature short films, lifestyle as well as their own clothing line. They have a Jesse Whaley feature up now which you can watch HERE too. This all looks really good and promising.

I’m waiting on a Q&A, so perhaps we will have a little more insight soon.

Go HERE and have a look around and click below to check out a trailer.

5 responses to “The Bank Los Angeles”

  1. Jason says:

    This looks really really good! Nice work!

  2. sven says:

    good stuff for sure but 38 to ship a shirt to me…i can’t justify that one guys

  3. david says:

    So good! Im originally from LA but now in ATL. Love the vibe.

  4. Tom Silins says:

    the vibe really is awesome. real recognize real, right?

  5. says:

    Now it is time to pick your specific investments.