Roman and Williams Video

We posted on the interior design studio–Roman and Williams–back in March, but the guys at The Scout along with the subject of one of our Defgrip Originals, Ed David, put together a great video giving you a indepth look into their office as well as other work. The visuals are amazing and it’s definitely a well put together, captivating piece.

4 responses to “Roman and Williams Video”

  1. bohie says:

    This film is so exceptional!!! So inspiring! My boyfriend sessions defgrip and I always found myself peering over his shoulder asking him to click on the photography and design posts, and now when I hit defgrip at school my whole graphic design class is peering over my shoulder asking what site this is. So great! Now theres so many of us sessioning your site and Caleb Owen Everitts’ and Ricky Adams’ and using BMX websites for assignment inspiration hahaha.

    Thanks heaps, the Roman & Williams film has inspired me for the whole day!

    🙂 Bohie

  2. mark m says:

    Hella inspired!!!

  3. colton ponto says:

    I love love love their work, just exceptionally full of everything you could ask for.

  4. Kyle says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed that.