Q&A: Andrew Jackson / The BANK

Recently, a new website out of the Los Angeles area called THE BANK dropped. In addition to clothing, the site is focusing on original material with a bunch of people helping out. You can think of it as sort like a window into the Los Angeles scene (but not limited to). The site may not be updated everyday, but quality stuff goes up when it is. They just posted this edit of Kade Gates too.

I’ve only ever spoken to Andrew Jackson about THE BANK, so I threw him some quick questions recently about the site/project.

Click below to check that out.

Andrew, how you doing?
I’m good, I just got back from a trip to San Fransisco with Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Jeff Allen and Dean Dickinson.

So a new website has launched called THE BANK. Who is involved? Who will be posting, filming etc…?
Right now there are a ton of people involved. We have been working with pretty much everyone you saw in the trailer, plus a couple of new people. Our homie, Matt, is the one behind all of the art direction and everything involving the website, pretty much anything you see online is him. Right now I’m doing all of the filming/video stuff, but we have been talking to a couple of other filmers so that might change soon. Another homie, Pat Wang, and his family have helped us a whole lot by taking time away from producing shirts for their other clients that sell in high fashion stores for like 80 dollars to work on our line of shirts.

Explain the name. How did you guys come up with THE BANK?
Max Gaertig was just in town and he told me that every company needed a good story to go behind the name. We didn’t really have one except that we just liked the sound of The Bank and thought it would be cool to kind of brand the company around that name. A big debate started and Nike came up, we found out that they got their name from a winged goddess out of a mythology book and made up some story about how that relates to their shoes. Max won’t admit it, but he lost that debate.

You said it will be a website built around videos, plus other stuff. Are you guys trying to drop frequent web edits?
Haha “plus other stuff”. I’m horrible at narrowing it down to one thing because it’s so much more than just a video website or a company that sells t-shirts. I feel like a project is the best way to describe it. I can’t really give too much away, but we have tons more planned for this. We have the Vault where we want to try to get back that video feel that you kind of miss from watching stuff online. Each video will be the main feature for awhile, so it lets the riders have a chance to be proud of what they worked on without it getting lost so fast. We are also trying to really focus on keeping the quality high which is one of the main reasons we went with a custom player. We all felt like BMX was missing something like that. From the shirts, to the videos, to the site, everything is about quality and representing BMX the way we felt like it deserved.

Can we expect a mix of content on there, or strictly BMX stuff?
We are mainly keeping it centered around BMX. That’s where we all came from and what we know best, so there’s no reason to try to start doing tons of random stuff all the sudden, but if something interesting comes up we will feature it. Right now I’m working on a video with a graff artist who did a shirt for us that should be up next month, it’s turning out pretty cool.

Breakdown the sections on the site.
The Vault is where we keep our feature films which I kind of explained before. About Us is self explanatory, the Shop is self explanatory, and Tellers will be updated a lot more frequently with a few different things, we want to give it kind of a behind the scenes feel. Then we chose to use youtube so that you could browse from your cell phone and other sites could embed stuff if they wanted to. Plus there is no way we could afford to put all those videos in our high quality player from the Vault haha.

Thanks! Anything you would like to add before we wrap this?
I just want to say thanks. There’s no way we could have made it happen without everyone being so supportive of a bunch of kids with an idea, all the riders that are filming for this, Pat’s family for producing a whole line of custom shirts for us, and Matt for taking time off from designing sites for some really huge companies to be part of this. Everyone who has already bought or is going to buy a shirt. All the sites who have linked to us. All the people who have had good things to say about The Bank. It all helps. It’s been amazing how supportive everyone has been. Thank you, and you won’t be disappointed!

11 responses to “Q&A: Andrew Jackson / The BANK”

  1. Dean says:

    Isn’t it just a rip of The Berrics?

  2. Nuno says:

    I don’t check that site, so I can’t give you any feedback on that.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Solid stuff. Andrew knows his shit… this will be good.

  4. Everything about The Bank is dialed, goodluck!

  5. John Young says:


  6. cool stuff, i’m really into their concern for quality.

  7. Didn’t Max win the argument? Nike refers to the goddess who personified victory and had winged feet…. That’s a good story to go along with the name, the don’t have anything behind The Bank besides that it sounds cool.

    Love the site and direction they’re going with things though.

  8. Ryan C. says:

    Defiantly some good stuff!

    Good things happen when northerner’s travel south.

  9. Adam Banton says:

    Wow. good stuff. Def into this, looking forward to more.

  10. david says:

    being from SoCal and now living in ATL Im diggin this for sure.

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