Two years ago I did an Autophoto and in it there was mention of me moving to Hawaii. It took a couple of years more but I made it to the North Shore of Oahu, where the North Pacific sends it’s storm swells from Alaska across the ocean to this small reach of coast. Here I photographed what I saw going on and what really fascinates me, the power of these waves. A broken board and a few long hold downs can vouch for that as well as what I’ve seen. I witnessed some of the best ride these waves and saw some of the greatest waves destroy them. The ocean is magical and unforgiving. On top of all this I got to see the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, one of the largest contests in the world for big wave surfing that holds serious prestige among big wave surfers. This is a contest that had not run in six years because of unacceptable wave size…. too small. So here are some of my moments from the Eddie, the waves and whatnot. Just a glimpse of the North Shore and my year living in Hawaii.

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photos by Mike Leask