DJ Craig Campbell


On Friday 14th of May Federal bikes staged a launch party to celebrate their release of the Summer 2010 range of products. On display were the new range of signature frames (Lacey, Morrow, Washington and Watson) built up into high end complete bikes. Also on display was the limited edition Stephen Murray tribute frame which will be auctioned off on ebay with all proceeds going to the Stephen Murray fund.

The back drop was provided by artwork created by painstakingly pasting layers and layers of posters and then ripping off sections and then spraying and pasting more layers on top. The end result was a striking background that complimented the current ad campaign perfectly.

The launch was attended by around 300 people… music was supplied by bmx legend Craig Campbell and Mr Morals ( Free beers and Redbull flowed all night and a good time was had by all involved. For more information about the new range you can check out

-Stu Dawkins

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photos by George Marshall
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