Old School BMX Reunion / Show

This years gathering is coming up, more info HERE.

Besides the bike show, there will be a “Legends of Freestyle” ramp jam, and Sidehack races. Good times!!

Come chill if you are in California or nearby!!

2 responses to “Old School BMX Reunion / Show”

  1. JOEY WILSON says:

    Hi I’m 33 and ride FlatLand… I’ve been riding since I was 12.. I was wondering if you could help me? How can I get my Skate park/ Park (s) to hold an Old School BMX show? I saw lots online and I would really love to have my town hold one.. It would get people here and maybe even boost our little town… I live in Naples, Florida the closest place that I know has anything like this or Flatland is Tampa north of us.. And Miami East of us. Both about an hour and a half give or take? I really would love something like this.. There really isn’t much here Cape Coral is known for it’s BMX track.. But as far as Freestyle bikes and Old School BMX bikes.. Not one place.. I’m going to go around the bike shops and ask them if they would be willing to get involved? If you have anything you can tell that would or may work please let me know.. Thank you a lot.. Long time BMXer… Joey

  2. Robert says:

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