Mutiny: One Spring Day Edit

Wooooow! I really enjoyed watching this. Great filming, especially digging the tilt shift stuff.

This is a one day session with Roey, Robbo & Mikey in and around Austin, TX.

Via – Mutiny

18 responses to “Mutiny: One Spring Day Edit”

  1. mark m says:

    Such a good edit! Film fest material for sure.

  2. Jonathan F. says:

    Mutiny always revolutionizing the filming and editing!
    Congratulations forever!

  3. Adam Banton says:

    Wow, what a great job these guys did. Great music too.

  4. sven says:

    so great, really really enjoyed that

  5. russelljohningenbrandtjunior says:

    i was late for work because i had to watch it twice.

  6. Andres says:

    awesome!!! those little bits with the tilt shift, was it stop motion??
    best editing!!!

  7. stoned kyle says:

    joe simon = my hero, please def grip original him when you get a chance. so good.

  8. tom perry says:

    joe simon keeps getting better at this.

  9. eddie says:

    Best cinematography/video i’ve seen in any web edit.

  10. Tyler says:

    are you sure this was shot with a tilt shift?

  11. Wednesday says:

    BMX videos, Done.

  12. flo says:

    finally we are there, just great! progressive work! i love it!

  13. Joe Simon says:

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    The Tilt shift was actually done in post. I had rented and tested a bunch of tilt shift lenses but couldn’t get the look I wanted because of the 7Ds cropped sensor. So I studied the lens look and tried to replicate it as best as possible. It’s never as good as using the real thing, but I think most people couldn’t tell the difference.

    It was shot to look like stop motion. I shot the intro sequence on the 7D at 7fps, I really wanted to get a miniature BMX in the city feel. Wish we would have had more then a day to work on it but there’s always next time.

    Thanks for checking it out.


  14. Sean Zubek says:

    Sooo good…

  15. Huy says:

    Love the audio mixing. Great work!

  16. Ken Masters says:

    Wow felt just like those Adult Swim stop-motion clips. Joe Simon and MTNY == BMX Voltron.

  17. shawn Sparrow says:

    This is seriously amazing. I’ve already watched it several times.

  18. Felisha says:

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