Interview: Ryan Navazio

Robbie Morales Photo

Last year you did some work with Gatorade and Nigel, you helped film for Animal and you are currently filming with the Cult dudes. How is that going and what’s the plan with that project?

I’m still working for Animal and just continuing to collect footage for them and Skavenger. I’ve been working on Cult stuff for about 4 months. We are making a video and it won’t be web-based, but that’s all I can really say. I’m really excited for the release and I’m wrapping up the last bit of it now. I’ve also been doing a bunch of random stuff for different brands and It’s pretty amazing to get to work with so many talented people.

What do you personally have lined up for the future? When can we expect another Ryan Navazio production?

I’m really happy to be working with the brands I work with now, so I have tried to focus my attention on their stuff. I started trying to film for a new independent video back in December because the timing seemed perfect, but the trip to film didn’t go so well and now I’m just busy with other projects. I have a bunch of ideas for different stuff I’d like to work on independently and hopefully I can start on something soon. I’m thinking it’s going to be done as locally as possible.

All bike riding and filming aside, what are some other things you get into in your spare time?

Spare Time? What’s that? Lately I definitely don’t feel like I’ve had time to do much else. But I’m really into music and going to see bands play. Just relaxing and spending time with my girlfriend. In the winter snowboarding is always fun. I also like to skate around Philly, the streets are so shitty it’s like a giant obstacle course especially at my level of skating. And since turning Vegan, I’ve been getting more and more into cooking and being a lot more health conscious.

Thanks for your time Navaz, any last words or thanks?

Thanks to you Nuno for the interview! Thanks to Animal bikes and everyone over there for giving me a job. Robbie and the Cult Crew. My girlfriend Ali for putting up with my ridiculous schedule. Mark Losey, Dennis Bunn for the photos. And anyone that enjoys watching BMX videos and understands why they are so important.

Last question. Musicians often have “I wish I’d written that song” situations, do you have a video part or video itself that you wish you made?

There are so many different videos that I wish I could have been a part of. A lot of Bob Scerbo’s older videos parts. I wish we could have given him a standpoint part alongside George D. back then.

  • nice interview. navaz works so hard!

  • jon

    That was good.

  • Andy Persing

    Good stuff, i enjoyed hearing it.
    Can’t wait to buy my camera now and really produce some good quality videos.

  • Such a great interview. You guys never disappoint. Definitely motivated me to step up the game and get everything on point.

  • So rad.


  • stoned kyle

    id still rather see a defgrip orginal of this guy over that douche bag cunt from the come up, whats his douche bag name? the guy you cant ride but has a cult following of 100000 tight pant wearing sissy 16 year old kids. come on dg, think.

  • JD

    mad props dude.

  • Franco Balducci

    wack ass dude

  • chase d

    who the hell is franco balducci? never heard of you guy. navaz is the truth, best/hardest working filmer in the game hands down.

  • Tony ‘sweet peppers’ Pelligrini

    listen buddy. do us all a favor and just manual bonk yourself into the delaware .. sweet peppers, out.

  • chase d

    hahaha. yo, i would never dis-respect an og like that, my bad peppers.

  • John Y


  • oli

    navaz upload jersey riding vids for those like me that never seen them please?

  • brian tunney

    Great interview, despite Navaz’s saltiness.

  • Will Stroud

    Much respect for Navaz. One of (if not the best) my favorite filmers.

  • LandonP

    Good read, easily the best filmer/editor in my opinion. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I get a Navaz video!

  • Tony Archibeque Jr

    Thee best! So salty and I love it! Don’t settle ever!p.s lets make a vid together haha







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