Help Nashville.

Regular Defgrip contributor Andrew White has sent in photos and provided some info on the recent floods that hit his hometown of Nashville, and how you can help.

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Nashville was doused with a record-shattering 14″ of rain within 29 hours on May 1. The amount of flooding that has affected Tennessee is devastating, but has been shadowed by the situation in the gulf and therefore not received much attention outside the region. For those familiar with the city, the Cumberland river cuts right through downtown, and rose from its normal 25′ to 55′, not only by local rainfall but further amplified but rainwash from upstream. The flood has reached most buildings within downtown, and the devastation is not fully understandable without knowing realizing that most buildings house their main infrastructure sub-terranean (boilers, air, computer servers, generators, etc), so cleaning out a little mold downstairs doesn’t fully convey the gravity of the situation. Nashville has so far banded together very well to help out with the cleanup; I’d like to reach out to those outside the city to become aware of our situation.

Here are some ways to help if you feel so compelled. I know there is no shortage of outlets for donations to aid in disaster relief throughout the world, but our city would greatly appreciate any help we can get.

You can help HERE.

And as always, the Boston Globe managed to produce top-notch photos from the flood.

On a lighter note, you can see in the main flood photo where Nathan’s Ride UK cover was shot in the left of the frame on the pedestrian bridge. I’ve dug up an old photo of Nathan as a frame of reference to show how the riverfront area typically looks. Notice the light post located directly center of the frame in the truckdriver photo is nearly submerged in the main flood photo.

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