Carson Leh @ Random

Connor Lodes by Carson Leh

Connor Lodes is super fun to ride with because you can talk him into trying tricks he doesn’t know he can pull yet. At a casual morning session at OB skate park in San Diego I asked him to try this ice to bar. Short wait later it became just another trick in Connor’s very big bag.

– Carson Leh

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4 responses to “Carson Leh @ Random”

  1. tom perry says:

    Every time I get to ride with Connor is a good time. He’s definitely got the skills too.

  2. Ryan says:

    In the Bay Area we always called him X Games because he had so many big tricks dialed

  3. robin says:

    I grew up with connor, it is few who love to ride as much as he and have his skills. deserves everything he gets

  4. Arlen says:

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