Carne Mag #3

If you are a fan of graphic design, illustrations or photography, you should download Carne Mag. Issue 3 went live a few days ago. These are pretty rad for coming across new artists.

You might find a few surprises in there too.

4 responses to “Carne Mag #3”

  1. tom perry says:

    I’m downloading currently, but by your description I am apparently their key demographic.

  2. BUB says:

    If print magazines are dead, downloading magazines is stillborn. What a crummy way to deliver content.

  3. It looks interesting, but most of these seem just like most art/design blogs, a rehash of content already out there. I enjoy defgrip because it has CONTENT i can’t find elsewhere…that is rare.

  4. Iris says:

    All sorts of investments include certain dangers.