Quick 605 Ditch Edit

Last week I was in L.A. working on some projects with Chad Moore and during our down time we got to chill with Nuno and Mike Ardelean. It’s always rad when a bunch of us from Defgrip get to meet up and we made the best of our time together by riding some chill spots and eating at some dialed restaurants.

I didn’t really have any intentions on filming anything or putting an edit together, but I ended up messing around with some shots at the 605 ditch and threw a quick edit together last night. We all met up at Odyssey and headed to the ditch… It was Jim Bauer, Nuno, Ardelean, Luis Pinzon, Maicol Chaves, Ryan Quinones, Chad Moore and me… The edit is super short, with a few clips of Chad, Mike and Jim, but the session was dope. Nothing better than riding with your friends at a quiet spot on a sunny day!

7 responses to “Quick 605 Ditch Edit”

  1. mikeyt says:

    nice! Looked like a lot of fun… cool to keep it LA w/ flying lotus, too!

  2. David Lang says:

    in an interview with Resident Advisor, flylo talks about how the LA heat inspires his music. this video really makes that connection. so good

  3. Chris King says:

    Was the intended point/objective of this sweet edit focused on making everyone jealous of how awesome the weather is in SoCal? Because it made me want to go out & ride in some nice weather! Hahaha… I’m definitely liking the edit, it was dope! Great job DEFGRIP!

  4. Andres says:

    what camera was used to make this?

  5. samuel says:

    red cam

  6. Bessie says:

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