Josh Allsopp @ Random

Josh Allsopp had actually sent this photo over for an @ random before Nuno posted a similar shot that he came across on Flickr. Even though we kind of showed this photo already, it’s too good to not show a second trick and hear what Josh had to say about shooting the photo!

Rob Seymour by Josh Allsopp – Click to enlarge

I always wanted to shoot from a roof. Today was the day, 2 plus story warehouse yeah! It felt like the roof might cave in, it was really spongy so I had to move slowly. That’s my roommate/friend Rob Seymour riding… He did some whips, bars and even a no hander, but the table just turned out the best. I was pretty surprised he could do them that well on flat. This was partly inspired by a film called Beautiful Losers which I watched in my class earlier today… It just really made me want to get out there and get something different from my normal shots.

Check out more of Josh’s photos on his Flickr

4 responses to “Josh Allsopp @ Random”

  1. Kyle says:

    This is beautiful! It doesn’t even look real.

  2. jules says:

    beautiful losers! must’ve been the best film she played for us. well done [yet again] 🙂

  3. very crazy/unusual angle, i like it.

  4. says:

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