Jay Leno – The Fast and the Famous

Even though Jay Leno is almost the exact opposite of funny, he’s got great taste in cars and a true appreciation for their finer points. Here he navigates us through one of the many hidden racetracks in the hills of Los Angeles from behind the wheel of a Mercedes SLS AMG (spawned by the original 300SL from the 1950s).

This reminds me of a funny quote from Scotty Cranmer a while back where he said he wasn’t feeling California because there are no good back roads for driving.

Click below to see the video.

8 responses to “Jay Leno – The Fast and the Famous”

  1. Jason says:

    That car sounds awesome!

  2. Jim Bauer says:

    That car does sound awesome. While that “track” is cool, it can probably only be driven with no traffic on a weekday night at 3-4 am with a bit of luck. Not that that is so bad. Mulholland was closed for a while because a chunk of it fell off the mountain. That section has been repaired and is smooth. The sections before and after…not so much. I’m sure Jay knows where the real “hidden track” is, but if he or I told you, it would cease to be hidden then.

  3. Kyle says:

    Jay Leno may have good taste in cars, but he can still eat a bag of fuck. Bring back Conan.

  4. Earl says:

    Conan is back fool!

  5. Kyle says:

    Not until November.

  6. B.C. says:

    BAD ASS! Definitely a casual cruise on that circuit. No doubt Jay tears it up out on the real canyon roads a little deeper in the cut when nobody is watching. Tell Cranmer I’ll take him for the ride of his life next time he’s around! Haha

  7. LandonP says:

    Good watch

  8. nanoo.net says:

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