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It was Friday night and we were riding a local skate park, there was talk of a few vacating out of the Canberra vicinity to ride a small skate park in Yass. I found myself within this vacation and I got to experience a pleasant days riding. The park was pretty small but fun, there were lots of little kids repping their hood. Some of the older locals (non riders) there were just sitting and sinking down sweet cold beer whilst watching, they would also yell out the odd “do a backie” for some flavor. A good thing about yass was the hair cuts, flat out the best styles to date! We got some rad take away food just down the road, and took in the country atmosphere. It was a good day, you can check out some other things that happened In this video I slapped together:

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5 responses to “Doug Taylor @ Random”

  1. Max says:

    The dude’s wearing a Square One shirt I used to have! What’s up with Square One these days anyways? Did they totally shut down?

  2. Joey Cobbs says:

    totally shut down. RIP square 1. In the photo it almost looks like he’s grabbing his shoe.

  3. andy lai says:

    Where is this park?

  4. shopkeep says:

    Yass Australia – near Canberra

  5. says:

    That is true for investment advice as nicely.