Deus Vintage BMX Swapmeet

Deus, an amazing custom motorcycle company out of Camperdown Sydney in Australia is having a vintage BMX swapmeet this Saturday, May 1st. Judging by their past swapmeets and the fact that everything thing they do jawdrapping and unbelievably on-point, you know the BMX swapmeet is going to be something you can’t miss. I know we have a lot of readers in Australia, but for the rest of us who can’t make it, well have to wait for an update in their gallery section (which might be the easiest place on the internet to waste an entire day looking at photos). Deus will be teaming up with 2020 magazine for the event and it looks like along with the swap there will be a bunnyhop contest, a quarter pipe demo, BMX films and a lot more. Make sure to check out the flyer after the jump and be careful if you end up on the Deus site because it might suck you in for the rest of the day!

3 responses to “Deus Vintage BMX Swapmeet”

  1. michael says:

    these guys got their motorcycles done at Deus and then did this awesome roadtrip/surftrip in Australia. Now you know.

  2. Cars says:

    deus is fucking awesome.

  3. ben nwnw says:

    so refreshing to see people building custom bikes that dont use harley motors. so fucking sick of these jesse james wannabes. awesome to see some classic brit and jap machinery being built. remember, it isnt a real motorcycle unless it has a chain.