Defgrip Beanies In Stock!

That’s right, the beanies are done and in stock! We have three colors avalible – Red, Gray, and Black all with a white Defgrip woven label. I know, I know…  It’s a bit late in the year and we just missed winter, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking one up in each color!

Check out the new beanies on the Defgrip Store!

5 responses to “Defgrip Beanies In Stock!”

  1. james wade says:

    buying mine right… now

  2. Brendan says:

    just before summer haha.

  3. fomenter says:

    I just want to say, Thank You for not using the word “colorway”.

  4. Nate J Johansen says:

    The beanies look alright, but I really like the image in the background even more.

  5. says:

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