Ben Hucke / Crooks & Castles / Q&A

The stars must have aligned or all this Ben Hucke press was all part of a master plan, haha…

In completely unexpected but awesome news, Ben will be riding for street label Crooks and Castles. Check their post HERE.

I hit up Ben with a few quick question about this, so click below to check that out.

photo courtesy of Huy Doan.

Congrats on this hook up, I didn’t see it coming at all. How did this Crooks and Castles deal come about?
Thanks man, It’s been in the works for a few months, the dudes at Crooks are psyched on BMX and were into me. They hit me up and asked if I was interested, I said for sure they make dope stuff.

You were just down here in LA, so I’m assuming it was for this yeah? You shot with Huy Doan?
Yeah I needed to get out of Portland for a minute and we had been talking about meeting up, so I figured why not. Met up with Huy Doan (he shoots and works for Crooks), shot an ad and a Shadow ad too, so it worked out great.

What can we expect in the future between you and Crooks? Any plans?
We’re gonna do some signature stuff, new eras and some T’s to start. Do some edits and keep it rollin.

Any word if Crooks is trying to support any other riders?
Crooks is psyched on BMX in general and wanted to help me out. They’re letting me flow a couple dudes whenever I choose here and there which is cool too. It’s still all new for me.

How did this week end up being Ben Hucke week?
I don’t even know, just been working on a lot of stuff and it all came through at the same time. I’m on a Shadow Conspiracy trip right now as well,  so it’s been crazy this week so far. Still a couple things droppin this and next week, keep it rollin! Haha.

Thanks dude! Anything you wanna add?
Thanks everyone for everything, just gets me more psyched to keep it rollin!

4 responses to “Ben Hucke / Crooks & Castles / Q&A”

  1. Keeve says:

    Sick that C&C are supporting BMX. Well decent brand.

  2. Hell yeah! about time Crook’s got in on bmx, whats up with 10 Deep?

  3. Cpandsb says:

    what frame is tht?

  4. All types of investments come with certain risks.