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Josh Nendza, Pillar Wallride in St. Paul, MN

This day started out with a pretty small group of local riders from the Twin Cities meeting up in Saint Paul and just lazily heading through town riding whatever we came across. I’m not sure why, but for some reason Saint Paul is always absolutely dead on the weekends. We all had the liberating feeling of having the streets to ourselves and just aimlessly enjoying the nice weather. I had noticed this spot a few weeks earlier, and had been wanting to shoot a photo there because of the great natural light and uniqueness of the skinny overpass support. However, I had to do some persuading to get Josh on board with the shot. Josh has an amazing amount of style and bike control, but notoriously prefers to be under the radar. He also has an appreciation and discerning taste regarding all things creative…which leads to discussions about lighting, contrast, timing, effort validity, even clothing. I actually love the conversation and think that it’s great whenever someone has standpoint on how they envision a shot creatively coming together; after all every photo is somewhat of a collaboration. Luckily it didn’t take too much to get him on board with how I envisioned the shot, and he gladly delivered a few full speed runs.

Shot Details: Bronica ETR-Si 6×4.5 camera with a 70mm (straight) lens, shot at 1/500th of a second at f/8 on Fuji Provia 100 film. Only one flash was used, placed about 5 feet to my left to ensure enough semi-direct light was used to overpower the sunlight’s tendency to turn a subject into a black silhouette (Sunpak 120J, half power).

-Ben Austin

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