Aaron Ross: Random iPhone Photos.

Aaron sent through some quick random iPhone pics, click below to check them out.

This is what Owen does at Empire all day… It’s like a BMX playworld.

I saw this shirt in Walmart and I took the photo cause I wanted to figure out who the rider was… So now you can help me. Who do you think it is?

Walter Pieringer and I were driving to Nashville to meet up with Nathan and on the way we drove past this trailer… Didn’t really know what to think but it’s amazing.

This is a photo shot in my hometown by one of my best friends… Thanks Carlos!

Always interesting when Kareem Williams is involved in your life in any way at all…


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4 responses to “Aaron Ross: Random iPhone Photos.”

  1. i love aaron ross nh 🙂

  2. rrobert says:

    Is there a larger copy of the tailwhip pic?

  3. Heather says:

    That is true for investment advice as nicely.