Vancouver 2010: The Big Picture

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are over and it’s been an amazing experience. Living in an Olympic city for my first time has been so much fun and it has almost made me feel like I’m a real Canadian. Since moving from Seattle three years ago I have always enjoyed living in Vancouver, but nothing could have prepared me for the craziness that was the past two weeks. As I sit in my office now with the window open, it almost feels like I’m living in a ghost town. The noise and excitement that followed last nights hockey game, where Canada beet out the US Olympic team in overtime, was nothing like I have ever experienced before. Every time Canada would score a goal, you could hear the city cheering – people in the streets, in bars, and in their apartments with the windows open. It’s really hard to describe it with out being here. And once the game was over, people were running, screaming, and honking in the streets for over 10 hours straight. It was a crazy night!

The following photos are a selection from The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture“, capturing the Olympics from start to finish. I have yet to go through all my photos from the past two weeks, but if it works out, I might throw some photos on the site!

Check out all the photos on The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture

7 responses to “Vancouver 2010: The Big Picture”

  1. jbvo says:

    i hear ya man, i’ve been up workin in whistler for the games and wow was this place alive, one of the best displays of human happiness and excitement i’ve ever seen…out of control

  2. David Lang says:

    yes, been amazing!!!!!

  3. Rodnee says:

    Whistler is wild, im working up there as well. Iv been just feet from the luge track while they practice. Its interesting how many companies are together on this project and how they have overcome the weather troubles.

  4. alex says:

    man those are awesome pictures. the olympics have been soooo much fun, hard to go back to reality. i think the party in the streets after the hockey game was the craziest thing ive ever been apart of.

  5. QT says:

    I agree the city doesn’t feel as alive right now and its tough I want all that excitement back and going out every night to celebrate. I think I have olympic separation syndrome.

  6. tim says:

    it was kinda hard to even think the olympics were going on, aside from heli’s flying around all day, it’s been so damn nice out…haha squamish rocks!

  7. Jackie says:

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