Preview: Case #2

Mike Netley sent through a preview of the next Case Magazine, click below to check it out.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on the site for some new soft goods in the near future.

So here’s issue two, took long enough huh? You can thank old man winter for that one.

This one is out in the UK from Friday the 26th, (expect to see copies appearing in stores the week beginning the 29th) and will be available in the USA via Mike Cottle at OBMX in Orlando Florida in about a week to 10 days.

All European Orders will be available from Case Magazine

Expect to find inside:
The source trip to Madrid, Spain
Geoff Slattery
Level Vibes flatland jam
Brian Yeagle
Will Herrmann
Isaac Lesser
Ross Head
Jimmy Rushmore
Mark Mulville
Large photo section
Product pages and reviews
Tom Robinson ‘Robbo’
And the Simpel Session from Tallinn, Estonia

Check out some previews below and expect to see issue three around late June.

5 responses to “Preview: Case #2”

  1. ChrisRiesner says:

    That’s a horrible use of type on the cover, however the image is amazing, love those trees!

  2. Nate J Johansen says:

    Brian Yeagle? Sold! I’m mean, figuratively speaking.

  3. Olli says:

    that cover shot is awesome. really like the tones.

  4. shitters says:

    Speed Ball? I think so. Its fuckin huge

  5. Rashad says:

    All forms of investments include sure dangers.